Cole Classic


February 2, 2003

Congratulations to Ian Spence winning both his category and the overall race. Ian has just re-joined Norths Aussi.
Also big congratulations to Kylie Elbourne, Scarlet Reid and Rose Saltman for winning their categories
and to Lily Mathews for getting 3rd in hers.

The following North Sydney swimmers took part in this ocean swim (out of the 2177 total swimmers who completed it). Please let me know if I missed anybody.
Name Category Time Overall Placing Category Place
Ian Spence M35-39 21:53 1 1
David Lovelace M25-29 24:31 39 4
Dan Mitchell M25-29 25:00 67 7
Kylie Elbourne F25-29 25:04 72 1
Lily Mathews F20-24 26:00 107 3
Peter Gregory M25-29 26:19 122 12
David Singh M35-39 26:19 123 17
Scarlet Reid F30-34 27:04 177 1
John Wynberg M50-54 27:42 217 4
Louise Sung F30-34 27:46 218 3
Lisa Parrington F20-24 28:23 275 9
Rose Saltman F50-54 28:31 298 1
Clare Payne F25-29 28:39 319 10
Pat Waddingham M35-39 28:55 347 36
Colin Hannah M25-29 29:03 357 31
Ed Egan M30-34 29:31 407 70
Ian Davidson M40-44 30:01 465 43
Geoff Van Den Bos M40-44 30:02 466 44
Tim Hammond M30-34 30:21 511 98
John Kelly M30-34 30:27 523 100
Wayne Evans M30-34 31:54 730 131
Rosalind Elliott F30-34 33:26 966 44
Grant Parr M35-39 33:43 1020 146
Robert Hayter M60-64 33:44 1025 10
Danny Sydney M35-39 33:52 1050 150
Karin Ragel F25-29 34:20 1118 42
Alejandra Morel F25-29 35:07 1236 49
Claire Baker-Smith F25-29 35:09 1241 50
Brendon Hyde M55-59 43:33 2023 68


Team Time Category Category Place
Storm 01:42:11.0 100-149 6
Hurricane 01:46:33.0 100-149 8
Tsunami 02:01:48.0 100-149 11
Cyclone 02:06:42.0 100-149 15
Gale 02:10:26.0 100-149 17
Tornado 02:15:02.0 200plus 5

How was your swim?

Let me know: Feedback

John Wynberg says:

    Well there was good news and bad news for us older swimmers at the Cole ( 50 plus that is )
    The bad news started with our warm up swim that took a few of us out to the White Home Turning Buoy. Here we stopped and looked at the line of the buoys and tried to get a landmark that could be easily seen with a quick look up under full steam. Pretty hard when you still haven't bought those optical corrective goggles that so often have been on the shopping list - maybe next year!!!!
    We were joined at the buoy by a small group who had swum out to the 1st big red turning buoy at the northern end of the beach. They were somewhat distracted and pretty distressed as they had swum straight into a patch of blue bottles that appeared to be gathering in ambush at that buoy.
    Oh boy!! Blue bottles!!! 
    Blue bottles and I are not the best of friends - in fact I'll admit I'm scared sh*tess of them, well not them exactly, its more the way they totally wrap themselves around you when you happen to swim into them and then sting the bejesus out of you. 
    Well maybe those guys were a bit unlucky - we hadn't seen any and there was nothing on the beach to suggest it would be a bad blue bottle day. Besides I've never been stung at Bondi - so we all consoled ourselves and swam back in to prep our selves for the start.
    The first person we see at the beach with a horror look in his eye is our fellow Badger Swim Squad member and soon to be new North Aussi Club member Ian Spence. 
    "Did you see the size of those bloody blue bottles at the first turning buoy" were Ian's frightening words
    Whoopseeee - maybe they are really there!!!! That is bad news.
    Well who knows, we still may not be allowed to swim - that's one of the new glaring insights into ageing these days or at least it was at the East's Roughwater Swim. It turned out however that us over 50's were allowed to have a go and the good news as it turned out was that as the second last group to head off on the 2,075 meter journey it meant there would of been a good 1,950 people swimming through the blue bottle patch before we got there - needless to say it was a sting free trip.
    On the bad news front, being the second last group put you slap bang into the 100 odd assorted recreational breastrokers making their way around the first turning mark. It is quite harrowing trying to pick up fast track through flashing karate kicking legs and feet.
Luckily, somehow I did pick the right track and managed to keep my mind on the task to record my best ever finish at a Cole - 4th place in my age group - just missing a treasured "China Plate"
    The transition from 50 meter pool flyer to ocean going vessel is almost complete - maybe next year ??
    Oh and as for our soon to be new member Ian Spence, he did get stung but also won the "Cole" in a time of 21.52.8


David Singh says:

I had a really enjoyable time in the swim. There were 325 swimmers in my age group. At the start there were arms and legs everywhere. When I reached the first turning buoy there was a chop and a swell which lasted until the third buoy. The current was so strong and I and some other swimmers didnt look so we had to swim nearly backwards so we could keep the second buoy on our right. After the third buoy the water was relatively calm. You could always look up and see other swimmers infront of you. Its always a nice feeling on the way back into the beach as when you see look up and see the crowd and also see the sand on the bottom of the ocean. When you finish the race and stop puffing from the run up the beach you feel good for what you have just done.
Congratulations to Scarlet, Kylie and all the others who did so well.

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