Rottnest Channel Swim Ocean Swim Results


February 23, 2002

The following North Sydney swimmers took part in this ocean swim. Please let me know if I missed anybody.

The Lads of The Swim:
 Dan Mitchell and Peter Gregory
and crew.

Scarlet and Kylie's Bogus Journey


Name Category Category Place Age Group Category Age Group Place Time
Dan Mitchell & Peter Gregory Duo Male 6 50+ 2 5.07.28
Kylie Elbourne & Scarlet Reid Duo Female 2 50+ 1 5.08.32
Jayne Malone Solo Female 20 n/a n/a 7.42.51

Jayne Malone says:

Well, I made it!!!!! Thought I'd give you an insight into the day that was.

Rocked up at the beach with a couple of thousand others around 4.45am. Fantastic atmosphere, very exciting and all around me were very encouraging. Got myself covered in sunscreen and Vaseline and lined up on the beach for a 5.45am start.

Let me interrupt the story here to say, that was the best and only enjoyable part of the day. 

One and a half hours into the race I had 8-10 severe stings (which were rapidly turning into welts), god knows how many other smaller ones and a whole repertoire of new swear words!! The biggest one, which I dragged over my eyelid as I ripped my goggles off was quickly soothed by the anaesthetic cream Jane (my trusty paddler) threw to me. However, as I bobbed in the water waiting for it to take effect, the situation went from bad to worse as Jane called out "F....K". I naturally pictured the worst and asked her what was wrong. "I've just read the instructions on the cream" she said. "You're not supposed to get it in your eyes". As I had basically just used the stuff as eye drops I didn't hold out much hope that I would retain my eyesight for much longer. It was either that or my eyes would swell up from the sting, either way, my race was probably over in the next half hour!!!!

Fortunately neither happened, I had some painkillers for the stings (no, I wasn't being soft!!!) and I continued on my merry way. The next three hours were pretty uneventful. Encouragement from Justin on the boat was sensational!!! My 20 minute breaks were greeted with "Jayne, you're doing great, just passed another couple of solo swimmers. We should get there in six and a half hours at this pace". Perfect, exactly the time I was planning to do…. then the fun started…. 

At about the five hour mark, we could see Rottnest and estimated a six hour 30-40 minute time. Getting a little tired now, but my stroke was strong and I knew I had done the work to get me through. I didn't count however on the return of the killer stingers, the flare-up of the shoulder injury and then the current that took me and 80 per cent of the field over a kilometre off course. By the time my skipper had realized what had happened it was too late and we had to swim into a current for the best part of two and a half hours.

More painkillers for the shoulder and more swearing to combat the stingers - I find it works a treat and I finally found myself at the magical yellow buoys. This is where the boat must peel off and your paddler escorts you through the moored boats of Thompson bay about 800m from the finish line. "Take me home Jane!!!!" I called out, still quite lucid at this point, completely naware
that I was being stung about every 5-10 seconds. I now know that this is what made me not-so-lucid right after the race!!!

Jane had to leave me with about 150m to go, I gave her a big thumbs up and swam what I considered to be a sprint to the finish line - more like a one armed tortoise on sleeping tablets!!!
Apparently I got announced over the line as they do with all solos and a big cheer from the crowd. What I do remember is Claire (having jumped off the boat and run around to the finish line), wading into the water, camera in hand calling out "Jayne, SMILE". No mail marshall in the world would let through the language she got from me at that stage.

Thankfully mum was an official so was on the finish line ready to catch me, I was ordered to sit down by the medical staff and through hyperventilating and sobbing I think I told them I was in some pain from the stingers. Rushed to the first aid tent and covered in ice, I slowly became aware of my surroundings including my brother Jeff who was standing in front of me looking
concerned as he was telling me I was bloody mental. Claire, my support crew was sensational, taking me to the unit, showering and dressing me.

We all got to the pub, just, and I got my trophy and even had a few beers. How happy am I that I
finished? Ecstatic, and I'll always be able to say I swam to Rottnest solo!!!

Will I do it again? I'd rather fall face first into a pile of my own …….. !!!!!

7hrs 42mins


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